Did you know that 40% of our readers
online don’t live in Ireland?

Many communities depend on The Irish News as a trusted news source. The social value connected to the newspaper for people who live here, and the many Irish who live abroad, is enormous.

The media project is available online with access to all resources and a digital copy of the newspaper.

In 2022, we welcomed our first international school to the project, the Anne Sullivan School, based in Barcelona.

Despite being located in Spain, Cormac Walsh, deputy director of the Anne Sullivan school and a native of Mullaghbawn, Co Armagh, said the project blended perfectly with the school’s teaching goals.

It’s an extension of what I’ve done before. We want to expose our pupils to print media as this is such an important skill,” he said.

Teacher Elena Morelli, originally from Portrush, also said she hoped the Young Readers Project would boost pupils’ confidence and critical thinking, quoting “We want to equip our pupils with the skills they need for the future. We would love to tell young people reading this that learning languages is especially valuable.

We hope to reach a new generation of readers abroad through the Young News Readers Project, where they can learn about Ireland and issues and topics affecting young people across the world via a trusted news source tailored to people of their age.

Not only will the project expose pupils to the world of traditional media, but also for those whose first language is not English, it can be utilised as a learning tool for developing their confidence in the language.

To register your interest in taking part in the project please fill in the form below. If you have any questions relating to sign-up email marketing@irishnews.com

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