Guest Editor

Annette Kelly

Little Penny Thoughts

A note from our Guest Editor

Dear Teacher,

I am thrilled that you are on board with the Irish News Young News Readers project.

This is my fourth year as Guest Editor and it’s a role that I have great pride in taking on every year.

As a former primary school teacher, I have witnessed first-hand how the newspaper and this unique project can be a powerful tool in boosting creativity in literacy. In addition, their reading and writing skills as well as their listening and talking skills can be strengthened and developed.

This project will give your pupils an opportunity to witness the world around them through forming their opinions and expressing their views via current trustworthy news stories. The news has always been an important aspect of education and school life. Traditional media is a beneficial news source and this project will allow pupils to immerse themselves in hands on learning.

Relevant themes and topics each week will bring a new dimension to your literacy lessons as you incorporate the project in your classroom. I look forward to this journey together and I am excited to see the array of wonderful work from your pupils.

Annette Kelly, Little Penny Thoughts

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