A Leader In Our Field

The Irish News is the UK and Ireland’s top selling daily regional newspaper.

Since 1891 the mission of The Irish News has been to play a constructive role in society, and to be a platform for respectful debate and conversation.

The Irish News delivers independent local, national and global news, opinion and analysis. We believe knowledge empowers, helping to make society stronger and more just. The Irish News prides itself in having a strong family audience and many communities depend on it as a trusted news source. The social value connected to the newspaper for people who live here, and the many Irish who live abroad, is enormous.

The award-winning Young News Readers Project is the only education initiative of its kind in Ireland. Now in its seventh year, the scheme aims to help teachers empower pupils to access, understand, analyse, and participate in the news. Since the project launched in 2017, over 30,000 pupils have taken part, in Ireland and internationally, including England, Spain and UAE.

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